Competency Based Teaching in Science

Let's empower the next generation of scientists and environmental leaders through Competency-Based Learning. Attention Science and Environmental Science Educators! Are you ... Show more
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Competency Based Teachinh

About the Workshop

In this hands on workshop, especially curated for science and environmental science teachers like you, we will explore how Competency-Based teaching can help to exponentially empower your teaching practices. When we focus on competency based learning we cultivate a culture for critical thinking, inquiry skills, and environmental literacy in our classrooms, making our learners empowered to take on the challenges of the 21st Century.

Key Topics Highlighted in the Workshop 

  1. Basics of Competency-Based Learning in Science: We share the principles, practices and role of Competency-Based Learning in today’s education landscape. We examine how it can promote deeper understanding, mastery of scientific concepts, and real-world application.
  2. Need for Competency Based learning: We understand the need to shift from traditional methods of teaching learning towards active, student centred competency based learning methodologies to build 21st Century learners. The skill map is also shared and discussed.
  3. How to Include Competency-Based teaching in a Science Curriculum: Learn how to develop competency-based curriculum lesson plan that aligns with scientific temper, integrating cross-curricular concepts, and foster inquiry-based learning experiences to engage and inspire every learner.
  4. Building Competencies through Projects and activities : Explore strategies and simple resources to promote the 4Cs of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity through hands-on science projects, and community-based initiatives.

Who Should Attend This workshop is tailored for all Science and environmental science educators (K -12) level, especially at the Foundation, Preparatory and middle school levels who are passionate about enhancing their teaching practice and fostering competency based scientific literacy and environmental awareness in their students.

Join Us

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to deepen your understanding of Competency-Based Learning and discover practical strategies for transforming science education in your classroom and beyond. Register now to secure your spot and join us on this exciting journey toward student-centred, inquiry-driven science education. For registration and inquiries, helpline number +91-9810613556

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Duration Two Days
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PD Hours -                                     5

Date -                                             16/08/2024

Language -                                     Hindi

Mode:                                             Online