Our Partners and Affiliates

Our Partners and Affiliates

Since Inception, SADRAG ( Social and Development Research and Action Group) has been an active partner of One Teacher One Scientist in various Community Outreach Programmes. Our SLATE programme was pilot run by SADRAG in 2020. Since then SADRAG has been running SLATE in their various centres at Nagla, Nithari and Tugalpur villages of Noida and Greater Noida. SLATE Digital started as a collaborative effort with the Sarthak Centre of SADRAG at Nagla. So far there have been almost 150 children ( especially girls) who have been introduced to the world of computers in their labs.

In 2021 we also started a Digital Bank, to bridge the digital gap in India so that children in underprivileged sectors were not missing out on their learning during Covid times. Together we impacted several families who used the devices for studies, work and other learning processes.

Sunder Nursery Government Trust

Since 2021, our LIFE ( Learning In a Free Environment) walks have been taking parents and chil-dren for an experiential and exploratory journey at the pristine environments of Sunder Nursery Heritage Park near Humayun’s Tomb New Delhi. SO far we’ve reached out to almost 100 house-holds with children of all ages exploring leaves, ecosystems, pollinators, birds and even map making at Sunder Nursery.

Smile For All

In 2022, Smile for All, another NGO dealing with Foundational Literacy for Underprivileged chil-dren started our SLATE programme in about 50 plus centres all across India, covering states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Delhi and even Karnataka. Thousands of children have got mainstreamed through this collaborative effort so far.

Prayas Pahel

In 2023 Prayas Pahel, another NGO in Jharkhand, started the SLATE programme in Giridih and its surrounding areas for children from rural and tribal areas. This has led to teachers and volunteers reaching out to more than 2500 children in various belts of the rural and tribal areas of Jharkhand and enabling them to reach mainstream schools, after our Activity Based Bridge Programme called SLATE

Ek Pahel

Ek Pahel in Agra started our SLATE programme for their Foundational Literacy classes in 2023 and are now running it in their second year as well. All children come to these centres from the nearby villages and get into their first stages of structured learning through activity based learning process-es in SLATE.

Alliance Française de Delhi

In 2023, we started the spectacular Education Festival called RISE to spread awareness and in-volvement of schools, teachers, students, parents and NGOs around various themes of Global Citi-zenship in Indian Schools. This festival was in collaboration with Alliance Française de Delhi and has now become an annual event. Hundreds of parents, teachers and students participated in this three day event with much fan fare and Global Citizenship was discussed in detail with special em-phasis on the Role of Neuroscience in Education. Subject matter experts from all across the country and UK and France shared their knowledge and expertise to bring about a Global amalgamation of cultures and thought exchange.