SLATE : A Bridge Programme
for Out of School Children

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SLATE : A Bridge Programme
for Out of School Children

SLATE or Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower is a unique Multisensory, Activity Based Bridge programme developed by a Pedagogy expert, Author and Educationist Vaishali Gupta. It is a 40 week programme that empowers children with Foundational Literacy, Numeracy and thinking skills with a basic understanding of Innovation and Design Thinking. It is a competency based learning programme which also takes care of the well being of children.  Through this unique programme even out of school children are building awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals of UN, to instill Global Citizenship. So far, SLATE has helped mainstream more than 10,000 children since inception.    


SLATE Bridging Learning Gaps

Who is SLATE For?

We invite NGOs, Foundations and Companies doing CSR Activities in the field of Foundational Numeracy and Literacy to connect with us and Bridge Learning gaps with SLATE

Key Features of SLATE

SLATE prepares children to give Key Stage Assessment in Grade 3

Key Areas addressed in SLATE as per the Foundational Levels of NCF 2022

Key Teaching methodologies Used in SLATE

A package of 40 weeks of SLATE consist of:

Pilot Run and Impact study of SLATE

To get a glimpse of what SLATE

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