The need for Digital
Literacy in Slums

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The need for Digital
Literacy in Slums

The National Education Policy 2020 talks of a huge digital divide that exists in society and recognizes the importance of technology education for making children future ready and prepare a future work force. NEP 2020  also talks about the future of education and the integration of technology in the Indian education system. The policy aims to bridge the digital divide by incorporating technology in education and promoting its widespread use across the country. With this, access to ICT is recognised as one of the basic rights of every individual for effective participation in socio-economic, educational and political processes of growth. OECD also recognizes the need for technology integration for alleviation of poverty and growth of every nation. Hence the need for a Digital curriculum for the underprivileged.

Why SLATE Digital?

It is often seen that though NGOs and. Foundations are able to set up ICT labs for the disadvantaged, there is a lack of a structured, practical curriculum which caters to the needs of children to integrate technology in their everyday life.

This is where SLATE Digital Literacy programme comes handy and us every NGOs dream come true. Being a unique activity based programme, it has been designed taking into account that the learner group may not be literate enough and thus graphical power of Microsoft is unleashed to make children tech literate.

SLATE Digital Literacy Programme is a uniquely designed 60 to 72 Days programme that is activity based and involves learning about computers in a fun way.

In SLATE website browsing and overall internet surfing has been integrated in the curriculum, where a lot of emphasis is given on learning the practical utility of computers in everyday life. Right from understanding how to click photographs and transfer them to a computer, to studying photographs for problem solving and questioning skills, to the domain of Financial Literacy, it’s all been woven in this unique course, enabling children of the community and disadvantaged backgrounds learn how to use computer as a smart tool, including building the competencies of:

Children learn how Emails are such an effective method of communication in today’s times and they learn how to create and send emails.

Children also learn basics of MS Office software like MS Word, Excel, Power Point, the role of Bluetooth, basic camera and understand how computers also use multimedia in today’s world.

Overall, by the end of the 72 days programme, children become proficient in handling computers as a powerful tool of the 21st century. The programme equips children with basic computer skills and empowers them to navigate the digital landscape, along with enhancing their problem solving skills abilities, and opens up new opportunities for their future growth.

The Project Launch:

On 2 May 2023, SLATE Digital was launched by the SARTHAK Computer Lab of SADRAG NGO in Nagla village, Noida.

In the presence of the first batch of children enrolled at the centre, General Praveen Kumar , Member, Advisory Committee, SADRAG and Vaishali Gupta, Founder & Director, One Teacher One Scientist, cut the ribbon to announce the formal opening of the centre. 

Figure Genral Praveen Kumar & Vaishali Gupta – Cutting the Ribbon

So far, more than 250 children have been empowered in one year and more are enrolled to start their magical  journey in the digital world.

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